Sunday, 22 September 2013

Walking Tall #2 - Roar

Just a quick lazy Sunday outfit today.  My cat obsession has struck again (I say as I sit in another cat sweatshirt), I should probably seek help!  I could not resist this t-shirt dress when I saw it in h&m; although most people think it is very strange/creepy, I still love it.  Apparently t-shirt dresses/smock dresses are going to be quite big for this autumn and this is my first foray into that territory.  I do not think smock dresses flatter me at all, the cut is all wrong for my body shape.  T-shirt dresses on the other hand are a better fit for me as they hang loose all the way down so do not emphasize my top-heaviness.  As with most clothing, I struggle with the length of t-shirt dresses, most barely cover my bum so would qualify as a top.  However this one from h&m is a lovely length and much  longer at the back than at the front so completely covers my modesty without being a frumpy shape.  Also I got this in a size small so I would imagine the larger sizes would finish even lower.  If any tall people are struggling to find t-shirt dresses that are actually dresses then I would recommend checking out h&m.

h&m cat dress

h&m cat t-shirt dress

roar dress
T-shirt dress - h&m, shoes - Topshop

I was just lazing around the house today but I think if I was not being a hermit and actually ventured outside this would call for some really cosy cable-knit tights and chunky boots - preferably my oxblood ones.

How do you feel about cat clothing?  Cute or creepy?!


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  1. Cute! I also have this shirt dress from H&M. I paired mine a dark jean and sneaker wedges. Love!