Thursday, 27 March 2014

Walking Tall 3: Girly Gingham

Midi skirts aahh so fashionable and ladylike however can be difficult to pull off.  I do think it's a lot of tosh to say only tall people can wear midi skirts as they can look lovely on all shapes and sizes, however you do need to be careful of the length.  Case in point Exhibit A  Topshop white quilted midi skirt.  As this is quite a structured skirt with a hefty length it would be a bit of a struggle on the more petite figures.  However if you are working with some height (naturally or with heels) I think this looks very playful and elegant.  For reference this was in the 'normal' section and this hits my mid calf area (I am 5ft11).   I can imagine Audrey Hepburn swanning around in this, and let me tell you I would have worn this had I owned it last year when I went to see Roman Holiday at South Bank - on a side note if you haven't seen that movie you simply MUST.

Topshop quilted midi skirt Primark gingham shirt
midi skirt - Topshop, gingham shirt - Primark, shoes - Primark

This blouse is yet another gingham/check item to add to my collection - I gush over my love affair with this print in an upcoming post, you lucky people have that to look forward to!  Blue and white gingham is such a classic Dorothy-esque print which makes me want to trot down the yellow brick road :)
Had a mini primarni haul last week and this gorgeous blouse was one of the items I picked up.  Yes it is rather sheer and thin but when it costs £12 it's to be expected, and the light fabric makes it perfect for Spring.

topshop midi skirt primark gingham shirt

topshop white midi skirt primark check shirt

Necklace and pointed flats are also Primark purchases.  I did actually wear monochrome heels with this at work (heeled version of those flats) which I think elevates the elegance of the look however they stay firmly at work - I do not wear heels on the tube ARE YOU MAD?!!

Primark gingham shirt primark floral necklace
Floral necklace - Primark

michael kors watch shamballa bracelet h&m ring
Watch - Michael Kors, Ring - H&M, Bracelet - Turkey

I am considering putting together a gingham/check recent additions and wishlist post as it is a massive favourite of mine at the moment.  By the by does anyone know the formal distinction between gingham and check? I'm assuming it's to do with the uniform square pattern of the gingham and perhaps colour-ways comes into it?! Horribly geeky of me I know but it is a pressing question!

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